OneUp Chainguide ISCG05 Top black
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OneUp Chainguide ISCG05 Top

Eliminate dropped chains forever with the new OneUp Components Guide.

As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, 'Little bikes' are getting more and more capable everyday. Revised for 2019 the OneUp Guide uses simple, one tool installation and adjustment as well as an all new tool less flip

At only 40g the OneUp Chain Guide weighs less than a sip of water.

Why do I need a guide and a Narrow Wide Chainring?
NW rings are awesome, but they're not perfect and every once in a while you can drop a chain while riding. On a social ride this means getting dropped by your friends. But when racing an Enduro a dropped chain can cost you the podium, which is why almost every EWS pro runs both a chainguide and narrow wide chainring.


  •     Tool less upper guide flip
  •     Install without removing your crank
  •     Single tool install and adjustment (4mm hex)
  •     Boost compatible
  •     Oval Compatible
  •     Black Stainless Steel hardware
  •     Patented US 10,053,188 Other Patents Pending

Weight: 40g
Capacity: 26-38T
Chainline: 7.5mm adjustment
Mount: ISCG05
Color: Black top guide piece included
Material: 7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic

Artikelnummer: 20201181096
Farbe: Schwarz
Geschlecht: Männer / Unisex
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Saison: 2021/22

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