RRP Spritzschutz NeoGuard Evil Eyes Large
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RRP Spritzschutz

The new neoprene mudguard called NeoGuard? is specifically designed to prevent mud and spray from getting in your face and eyes. Traditional mudguards are fragile and can hold on to pounds of unwanted mud affecting your riding performance and slowing you down. The NeoGuard? throws the mud off every time the fork compresses keeping your bike light and agile.

It is fast and simple to fit and very lightweight, this mudguard is perfect for both downhill or crosscountry and absolutely essential for the weekend warrior. Tuck it into your backpack just in case conditions turn nasty, you'll rarely get mud in your eyes again. The NeoGuard? has been fitted on all the forks listed below, however it is likely to fit many others. Choose the correct size from our Fork List or the pull down boxes below, if you can't find your fork or it's marked ** then use the Sizing Guide for a manual calculation or more details.

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