Oakley XS O-Frame TLD Goggles Zap metallic silver 24K
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Oakley x Troy Lee Signature Series MX XS O Frame Goggle

24k silver

If bike racers are battle lords, Troy Lee Designs® (TLD) is the armory where they put on their war paint. TLD is the premier paint shop for racing helmets, and when the world?s fastest racers are ready to fly their colors, Troy and his cadre crank up custom creations. We unleashed TLD on our XS O Frame® MX goggle, a youth-specific design that takes advantage of reduced cranial geometry to bring an Oakley level of comfort and protection to smaller faces.

The durable urethane frame stays flexible even in cold weather, and we enhanced it with a triple layer of face foam to optimize comfort and fit. Non-slip silicone keeps the wide, adjustable strap from sliding off your helmet. We chose optically pure Lexan® for a lens that offers
uncompromising protection. In fact, the Oakley XS O Frame MX goggle meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for high velocity impact and EN 1938 standards for MX goggle requirements.

Two special editions are available. TLD Zap Silver honors the era of Supercross when berm battles raged out of control and sometimes guys would choose vengeance over victory. The edition with disturbing art is called TLD Medusa. It was inspired by Greek mythology and horror stories about a woman with snakes for hair, eyes that could turn guys to stone, and a generally bad attitude.
The TLD Zap Silver edition comes with a 24K Iridium® lens that?s great for bright sun. It pumps up your visual contrast, which is a good thing for keeping depth perception tuned. The TLD Medusa edition comes with a clear lens for indoor comps or darker skies.

- Flexibility even in extreme cold via urethane frame construction
- Comfortable and secure fit of wide, adjustable elastic strap
- Convenience of 2-pin attachment system for tear-offs
- Comfort and fit of triple-layer face foam
- Secure and stable fit via silicon lining on inside of strap

- Minimized reflective glare via interior surface texturing
- Iridium coating available for added glare reduction
- Lexan® lens material provides 100% protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm
- Meets ANSI Z87.1 for high velocity impact
- Meets EN 1938 for MX goggle requirements

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